Basket Chaat | आलू टोकरी चाट | Raksha Bandhan Special Recipe

Basket chaat is also known as tokri chaat. To make Basket chaat, small to medium-sized baskets are made from grated fried potatoes. These are then filled with the quintessential chaat ingredients like boiled chana (chickpeas), potatoes, Bhalla, spicy and sweet chutneys, curd, chaat masala etc.

The fried potato basket’s crispness is distinctly felt when eating Basket chaat. There are many flavors, textures and tastes bursting in the mouth. all I can say is that you have to eat this chaat to experience its excellent taste and flavor.

Aloo lachha tokri chaat is popular in north India. It tastes sweet, sour, and spicy and is loved by all kinds of age groups.


For Basket:-

For Dahi Bhalla:-

For Season water (Hing Wala Pani):-

For Lapetu Chole:-

For Aloo Tikki:-

For Basket Chaat:-


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