Refined oil vs Mustard oil

We are constantly bombarded with different kinds of advertisements showcasing different forms of oil which we should be using. A section of people says that refined oil is good for health while another section says that pure oil (mustard oil) Read More

Refined cooking oil & their dangerous effects on health

Highly refined cooking oils are oils which have become a household name in every home in India. Also, sometimes referred to as plastic oils are mainly chosen over pure oils because they have been largely advertised to be of high quality Read More

Say NO!!! to refined oils, Its dangerous for your family

Refined oil can be called as the processed form of natural oil, which is obtained after treating natural oils with many chemicals to meet the consumer’s expectations. The expectations of most customers these days are specific golden colour, odour free Read More

Commonly used household refined oils

In India, since time immemorial, there has been a myriad of oils which has found its way in different households. Traditionally we used to prefer pure oils for our usage. In the southern part of the country Coconut oil is Read More