Chettinadu Paneer curry

Chettinadu Paneer curry, Paneer being a favorite for all I wanted to infuse in day to day easy recipe for all to cook it easily to get optimum benefit of protein via paneer. Chettinadu paneer curry is contained whole protein for our daily need


30 mins

Serves 3



Step 1

Soak tamarind in 200ml warm water for 15 minutes, squeeze and filter the juice and keep aside

Step 2

Now take hard bottomed pan, heat a tbsp oil, add mustard seeds,

Step 3

Now add curry leaves, chopped onion, tomatoes, capsicum fry for 5 minutes or till it is done

Step 4

Now add the tamarind juice, chilly powder, dhania powder, fenugreek powder turmeric powder, salt

Step 5

When raw smell of tamarind goes, (maybe it takes 10 to 15 minutes time on low flame)

Step 6

Now add Paneer cubes, cook for 1 minute (Now a tbsp of ground coconut paste can be added if desired)

Step 7

Remove from heat

Serve hot with Ghee Rice, Rotis

Refrigerate and store for 3 to 4 days

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