Chole Samosa Chaat Recipe | छोले समोसे की चाट | Indian Street Food recipe

What happens when two super stars act together in a Movie?? Well, the Chole Samosa Chaat creates a similar effects because both Chole and samosa are hot Favourites with almost all the Indians.

Street-style Chole Samosa Chaat is a hearty, tangy, and spicy snack that represents all the best parts of Indian cuisine! It’s layered with chickpea curry, crispy samosa, chutneys, spices, to hit all the flavor profiles and textures in one dish. It’s perfectly balanced and absolutely comforting when shared with friends and family over a cup of masala chai.

The Mouth-Watering Chole Samosa Chaat is an ever-popular roadside treat in Lucknow, and you can find the several vendors equipped with the large, flat kadhais where the chole keeps simmering, ready to accompany crisp samosa with snazzy toppings.


For Samosa Stuffing:-

For Samosa:-

Lapetu Chole:-


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