Mahesh Group has been inspired by the ancient Indian practice of eating pure and natural foods. The company believes in the power and efficacy of the traditional method to offer refined products for the modern population. Ideated by two visionary entrepreneurs, Late. Shri. Ram Babu Rathore and Late Shri Shiv Kumar Rathore “Mahesh edible oil industries Ltd.” is registered under the companies act 1956 and is committed to promising a healthy future for coming generations.


Currently, the entire organization is led by two dynamic businessmen and younger siblings, Mr.Dinesh Kumar Rathore & Mr.Mahesh Kumar Rathore.


Our mission is to be inclusive and have local farmer communities assist us in sustaining these farms. Our endless effort is to provide and create jobs for these farmers, and through Mahesh Group, we have attempted to develop a platform for them to sell their naturally grown produce. We will work to achieve our goal of unwavering commitment to quality, human resource development, value enhancement, and customer satisfaction through the optimal utilization of available resources focused on achieving growth and excellence.

Our vision for the brand has been and will be to create a healthier future by making our products the most nutritious for human consumption. Our traditional processes, with a strict vigil on following hygienic practices, make our products superior to various other products in the market.We want to be the most trusted oil brand by adopting environment-friendly state-of-the-art technology and delivering world-class quality to create a healthy future for the generation.



We work on the core value of supplying the best pure oil in the market. With a belief in building a healthy future for the coming generations, we have been working towards the goal of offering traditional and unadulterated organic products to our customers.
We follow our company’s traditional oil processing approach as we are committed to the fitness, health and lifestyle of our customers. We will serve them with the best to become an integral part of millions of kitchens.