Handi Chicken recipe | हांडी चिकन करी | Uttar Pradesh Traditional Recipe

Handi chicken is a delicious dish made with chicken cooked on a low flame for a long time. Handi is a Hindi word for an earthen pot the usp of this dish is the earthen pot that is used in this preparation. That is also one of the main reasons why we shy away from cooking this at home. Thinking about all the effort that goes into it and the equipment like a tandoor or an earthen cooking pot is not something we have easily available now.

So, we have this recipe for you that will not only cause much less mess than you think and will not compromise on the restaurant-style taste at all! What are you waiting for now? Gather your ingredients and cook this dish with the help of this easy step by step recipe below!


For Handi Chicken Masala:-

For Chicken Meritnation:-

For Handi Chicken:-


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