Management Team

The management of the company is essential for its growth, smooth running and discipline maintenance of the Institution. Mahesh Edible Oil Industries Limited is jointly managed by teams of Promoter Directors and Independent Directors. They are responsible for managing, decision making and corporate governance of each and every aspect of the company. This includes Marketing, Finance, Production, Promotion, Sales, Human Resource and overall management of all employees, their needs etc. The Company structure maintains all the hierarchy levels with ample weight on each person managing a different category.

Mahesh Edible Oil Industries was constituted on the 30th June 1990 as a Partnership Firm to carry on the business of manufacturing and sale of mustard oil and mustard cake. There was a change in the constitution of the firm, the firm set up its manufacturing unit in the first year of its operations and started marketing its products under the brand name SALONI.

Firm was converted in to a Company Limited by Shares under the name and style of Mahesh Edible Oil Industries Ltd a Public Limited Company incorporated in the year 2000 with the main objective of manufacturing and selling of edible oil through setting-up of Solvent Extraction Plant & Oil Refinery. The company was founded, promoted and governed by Mr Ram Babu Rathore and his four sons, Mr Shiv Kumar Rathore, Mr Brij Mohan Rathore, Mr Dinesh Rathore and Mr Mahesh Rathore. It has its manufacturing units in Agra and Kota. The present production capacity:-

Independent Directors constantly endeavour to bring out new and successful possibilities in the Company policies and structure and by dint of their sincerest efforts they have been able to make a niche market hold in the Mustard Oil business. They have vast industry experience and they are responsible for maintaining all the functional aspect of the company.

Professional and Technical staff, with reasonably good experience in their respective fields, has been employed in the Company to head various functional departments. The Company is being run on a professional basis with decentralization of powers and delegation of decision making at various levels, who commensurate with the upper hierarchy levels.

The company has made its presence felt in the entire edible oil industry in India and has consolidated a strong hold over the Mustard oil business. This is attributed mainly due to the excellent management team of our Company. Our main products are ‘Saloni Mustard Oil’ & ‘Stayfit Soybean Oil’

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