Mushroom Do Pyaza | मशरुम दो प्याज़ा

In this Recipe Name “Do” means “two” and Pyaza Means “Onion”. In this Recipe we have to added double quantity for Onion, Before we knowing that we think we have to add only 2 onion in this recipe.

MushroomDoPyaza is a wonderful Mushroom Recipe that is the variant of Paneer Do Pyaza and Bindi Do Pyaza. Mushroom Do Pyaza is a semi thick Recipe made with Onion and Mushroom.

We have eaten this amazing recipe many times and Realized that not only double quantity of onion there are two shapes of onion are in the Recipe. Mushroom Do Pyaza goes well with Indian Breads (Roti, Chapati and Fulka), but you can eat with paratha and naan also.



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