Sirf mustard oil nahi

Aushadhi hai yeh !!

Have you ever thought why heart diseases are so common today?

Mustard oil, commonly known as “SARSON KA TEL” is a vegetable oil extracted from seeds of the mustard plant. Intricately interwoven in the Indian culture, this oil dates back to Roman times, not only as a cooking option but a medicinal one as well. Looking back, mustard was the only cooking oil used in Indian kitchens.

Our Grand parents or their parents did not face the health issues as much as we are facing today. Today heart disease and strokes are one of the most contributing death factors in all over the globe according to reports. Isn’t it an alarming condition for us?  Why do we face so many heart health problems these days?  We have gone to the root cause of the heart diseases and found very wondering facts! It has to be something fundamentally wrong with our food or with our lifestyle which causes the heart attacks. Yes that’s Refined and Filtered cooking oils which are most contributing factor of heart failures. Even if you don’t smoke, don’t consume alcohol, perfectly living healthy life, you still may be at the risk of heart diseases. Because we use Refined Cooking oils 3 times a day in our daily routine and which is the cause of variety of severe diseases not just heart disease. Find out the list of diseases caused by “Vaat” “Pita” & “Kaph” imbalances.

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In today’s life it has become necessary that we be aware and alert of what we eat in our food. Considering today’s health issues, we went to find the root cause of it. To understand the health issues, we will have to understand the human body structure and it’s basic 5 elements

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