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Marketing Of Mustard Oil

Saloni Soya Chunks
& Stayfit Soya
Refined Oil.


With our Ethical Marketing Communication 

The company has installed facilities for processing, refining, fractionating, and packaging mustard oil.

Our 3 Refining Units

    – Agra (325 TPD)

    – Kota (700 TPD)
    – Alwar (300 TPD)

MAHESH GROUP  has three refining units. First at Agra (325 TPD) second unit at Kota (700 TPD) & third unit at Alwar (300 TPD), The packaging lines are fully automated having bottle production, filling, labelling, and cartoon placing all by machines.

Quality & Food Safety

Extracted from organic mustard seeds, Saloni Mustard Oil is the golden oil of purity. This mustard oil is extracted from the seeds using the traditional method in ‘Kohlu,’ where bulls are used to rotate a bamboo roller under low temperatures. This unique way of extracting oil helps retain the natural flavors and nutrition of mustard seeds. Also, this traditional method results in the extraction of 30% of oil from the seeds, ensuring natural purity and freshness.

Saloni Mustard Oil is the powerhouse of Omega-3 and 6 that builds a stronger heart for you. Mustard oil, also known as Kachi Ghani Oil or Kohlu-pressed Oil, is commonly used for cooking. Our Mustard Oil is the healthiest oil and is highly suitable for deep frying due to its high smoke point.

We take pride in being known for our 100% pure, organic and natural ways of manufacturing. We are a registered licensee of FSSAI and AGMARK and have certifications from FORTIFIED and ISO 22000:2018.
High growth and commitment to good manufacturing practices are the broad objectives of the company. All company personnel are competent, qualified and possess commendable organizational & coordination skills. Equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment, the company conforms to the highest standards in quality.