Refined oil vs Mustard oil

We are constantly bombarded with different kinds of advertisements showcasing different forms of oil which we should be using. A section of people says that refined oil is good for health while another section says that pure oil (mustard oil) is good for health. So now the question arises that which oil is actually good for us and which is not? How we to judge which oil are is good for cooking purposes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s check refined oil vs mustard oil chart

If we look from the historical point of view then it is evident that before refined oil was discovered, people were much healthier and led a better life than we do today. Yes, one might argue that the longevity of life had increased significantly nowadays. But then this only depends due to the advancement of medicine. Every day we are faced with different and varied kind of diseases which were not present earlier. Now pure oil is directly extracted from seeds like mustard oil, or from the fruit itself like coconut oil. They are simply cold pressed and the oil is extracted. Whereas on the other hand, refined oils are “chemically” refined. It means that it is mixed with many chemicals to make it odorless, colourless. It clearly suggests that refined oil, being full of chemicals is not good for our health. Here we list the benefits of pure oil and the harmful effects of refined oil to break your myth of which is better.


Major reasons To avoid Refined Oil

Refined oils are exposed to chemical exposure, which increases the carcinogenic properties of the oil significantly. The Nickel present in the oil affects the respiratory system, liver, skin and other areas.

Refined oil contains many preservatives to give it a long shelf life. And it has been proved time and again that preservatives are harmful to the body.

It has been found that refined oil contains sodium hydroxide which is potentially harmful to the digestive system if consumed over a long period of time.

Many bleaches are used for deodorization, deacidification an, dewaxing of the oil. They can produce various diseases in our body.

 During the refining process, the oil is exposed to high temperatures which take away the goodness and natural properties of the oil. This is another harmful effect of refined oil.

Reasons to love Natural Oil (Mustard Oil)

Research has proven time and again that natural oils such as mustard, coconut etc. are beneficial for keeping the heart healthy. These oils contain unsaturated fats which help in reducing the cholesterol level.

Natural oils have anti-inflammatory properties which help to clear bowel and reduce the irritation it causes. It also reduces inflammation along the lining of the stomach.

Mustard oil contains glucosinolates which help to fight against bacterial or fungal infections. Similarly, coconut oil also has these properties.

Unrefined oils are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins like A and E as they retain their natural properties. They are not exposed to chemicals and thus are beneficial for health.

When you massage these natural oils on your skin and scalp regularly, the texture and quality of these improve significantly over a course of time.

Thus, with all the above-mentioned points it is clear that refined oil hardly retains any property of its own which can be called as beneficial. The only purpose they serve is too looking good. These are a few of many such reasons of why you should break your myth and quit using refined oil and switch to Natural Oils.

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