Saloni Products For Kitchen

Our edible oil segment consists of two types of kitchen oil “Mustard Oil” & “Soybean Refined Oil”. We are one of the pioneer Edible oil manufacturer and distributor in PAN India.Saloni is the well known name in Indian Kitchen so our saloni products for kitchen

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Saloni Kitchen

Here you can find delicious recipes of various Indian, Traditional, Continental etc. Our main objective is to serve you with our globally renowned mustard oil brand "Saloni". At Saloni we don't compromise with the quality of mustard oil. This is the reason why our mustard oil is best in this segment.

Saloni Mustard Oil

Saloni mustard oil is one of the best mustard oil brand available India. We are very proud of our product consistency. Our mustard oil gives a perfect aroma in your platter that you serve with love.


No matter who you are, what food habbit you follow, what region you live. Our mustard oil makes you refresh with its perfect aroma.