Care is taken so as to retain the natural flavour of the oil and we do not use any artificial ingredients to produce our edible oil. Saloni Mustard Oil is one of the Top 10 Mustard Oil Brands In India and we have proudly held that position for a long time now.

Saloni Mustard Oil

Saloni Mustard Oil is of 100% purity and is abstracted from the best quality mustard seeds. It is prepared by crushing mustard seeds in a wooden kolhus and then manufactured in a step by step process in a well-equipped laboratory, whose sole purpose is dedicated to manufacturing edible mustard oil.

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Benefits of Saloni Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is that wonder ingredient of the Indian kitchen which can never be replaced by any other thing. The pungency and the unique flavour of the mustard oil are what makes everyone appreciate it. This is what we retain in our mustard oil and therefore Saloni Mustard oil is one of the top 10 mustard oil brands in India. Mustard oil is most prevalent in the Eastern and Northeastern part of India and they cannot imagine a day without mustard oil in their kitchen. Saloni Mustard Oil has found its way into all homes of these families and we are the best mustard oil brand in Kolkata. Mustard oil is believed to have a lot of health benefits along with increasing the flavour of food. Some of these are –

Hair Benefits of Mustard Oil

Promotes Hair Growth

Coconut oil might be considered good for hair growth in most parts of India but it has been provided time and again that mustard oil helps in hair growth, prevents greying of hair and stops bacterial infections in the scalp.

Skin Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Good For Skin

Mustard Oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is essential in keeping the skin from ageing, wrinkle-free, supple and soft. Regular body massage with mustard oil gives freshness to the body and make it more glowing . Reports show that Infants who are massage with mustard oil grow faster.

Health Benefits

Of Mustard Oil

Encourages Heart Health

When you include mustard oil in your regular diet, it will be beneficial to your heart health. It lowers bad cholesterol in the body, thus keeping a check on blood fat levels. Also, it improves blood circulation.

Relief From Cough and Cold

The healing properties of Mustard Oil help in clearing congestion from the respiratory tract. Mustard oil steam treatment is often recommended as a home remedy for treating cough and cold.

Good Source of MUFA

Mustard oil is a rich source of Monounsaturated fatty acids. This is essential in keeping a good heart, helps in hair growth, prevents premature greying of hair and lightens skin. Thus it is essential for our body.