Saloni Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil (Grade-1)

MAHESH EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRIES LTD. was born out of the dream of visionary entrepreneur, Late Mr. RAM BABU RATHOR & Late Mr. SHIV KUMAR RATHOR.

He was well aware of the tremendous importance of Mustard and Soya bean Oil in the Culture of North India, and how it is used as a cooking medium, for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda, and for cosmetic use. Realizing the potential importance of these nutritionally rich oils in an increasingly health conscious society, he founded MAHEESH EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRIES LTD. in 1990, to provide the best Quality Mustard Oil to Small and large consumers. Late Mr. SHIV KUMAR RAHTOR has emerged as a pioneer in the Oil Industry, with a strong background of about Thirty Five years in the oil industry. His venture into the packaged oil Business paid rich dividends and “SALONI” carved a niche for itself with its strong brand image.

Over a period of Thirty years, SALONI KACHI GHANI MUSTRAD OIL (GRADE-I) has became a leading mustard oil brand in the country and has achieved wide acceptability in the market. SALONI Mustard Oil Which is pure mustard oil abstracted from the best quality mustard seeds. It is prepared by crushing mustard seeds in a wooden kolhus and then manufactured in a step by step process in a well-equipped laboratory, whose sole purpose is dedicated to manufacturing edible mustard oil. On the contrary now days it is believe that mustard oil is protective against cardiovascular diseases and is one of the healthiest oil.

The Success of “SALONI” in the area of edible oils led to the growth of the brand in other related food segments, such as Stayfit Soya bean Refined Oil under the banner of Mahesh Edible Oils. “SALONI” has already become a household name, recognized for its purity and taste. This has led to a quantum leap in THE SALONI STORY, by Capturing people hearts and becoming a popular and sought after Brand.


According to health experts, “Coronary heart diseases (CHD) are a leading cause of death”. The use of SALONI mustard oil can reduce the risk of CHD. Mustard oil is rich in unsaturated fats. This oil has shown to reduce LDL or Bad cholesterol.

Categrised Into Grade-1

Grade I Mustard Oil, more commonly known as Kachchi Ghani, is raw mustard oil in its purest form. It is extracted by grinding high quality mustard seeds, thus retaining the natural properties and antioxidants of mustard that are extremely beneficial for health.

This is why Kachchi Ghani is considered by some as India’s Golden Oil. Extremely rich in flavour and taste, Kachchi Ghani has the natural colour of mustard and is clear and transparent. The stronger its pungency, the purer and healthier the oil.


SALONI KACHCHI GHANI MUSTARD OIL is healthier than other vegetable oils because it has no trans fats and low saturated fats, High mono-unsaturated fats, High polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and stability at high temperature which makes it ideal for Indian Cooking and even :- 




Hair Benefits of Mustard Oil

Promotes Hair Growth

Coconut oil might be considered good for hair growth in most parts of India but it has been provided time and again that mustard oil helps in hair growth, prevents greying of hair and stops bacterial infections in the scalp.

Skin Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Good For Skin

Mustard Oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is essential in keeping the skin from ageing, wrinkle-free, supple and soft. Regular body massage with mustard oil gives freshness to the body and make it more glowing . Reports show that Infants who are massage with mustard oil grow faster.

Benefits Of

Saloni Mustard Oil(GRADE-I)

Reduce risk to heart diseases.

Good for diabetics.

Reduce risk of Asthma, Alzheimer and Arthritis.

Increases immunity.

Helps blood circulation.

Good for skin.

Promotes hair growth.