Saucy chilly potato

Saucy chilly potato is an Indo-Chinese dish and it is an innovation of using potato and Chinese gravy both combine to give the lascivious flavor and it is easy to prepare and ingredients are easily available. Saucy chilly potato has become your favorite if you love fusion food. No douth it is a good example of fusion food.


25 mins

Serves 5



Step 1

Peel off the potatoes and cut them vertically and apply cornflour onto the potato and fry them in oil for good 10 minutes but don’t fry much.

Step 2

Fry until they become softer.

Step 3

Then take them out

Step 4

Take another pan take some oil, fry, green chilly, other vegetables or onion if you want otherwise don’t add

Step 5

Fry green chilly pieces, put all the sauces and then water as much you want then add cornflour mixed with water and some vinegar and stir

Step 6

Then add fried potatoes and salt and keep flame for 5 minutes mixed everything well and serve the dish

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