Say NO!!! to refined oils, Its dangerous for your family

Refined oil can be called as the processed form of natural oil, which is obtained after treating natural oils with many chemicals to meet the consumer’s expectations. The expectations of most customers these days are specific golden colour, odour free and flavour free oil, which has a long shelf life. But we must take into account that this oil is not good for the digestive as well as respiratory health of the human body. It is also responsible for causing various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney problems, and many more. In this article, we will talk about the major diseases caused due to the consumption of refined, Refined oil side effect and what causes them.


Nickel is one of the major chemicals which is used for the processing of natural oil. But the presence of Nickel produces many carcinogenic and negative effects on the respiratory system, liver, skin of the human body. One of the reasons for the extensive increase of cancer in the tropics can be attributed to refined oil.

Digestive System Problems

One of the harmful chemical added during the refining process is sodium hydroxide. The presence of this chemical affects the digestive system of the body. Along with it the preservatives which are added during the refining process are also not good for human digestive systems and can cause ulcers, gastroenteritis and events cysts or tumours

Respiratory diseases

Refining of oil includes processes like Bleaching, de-waxing, de-odorising, de-gumming and de-acidification. These harmful steps reduce the chlorophyll content, taste and other nutrients in the oil. This ultimately results in the increased oxidation and rancidity in the edible oil. Due to this, our respiratory system is affected by a long course of time. The alveoli of the lungs slowly get more oxidised than it is supposed to be and you may experience many problems including less blood circulation to your brain.

Cardiovascular diseases

The high temperature involved in the refining process removes all the natural and beneficial substances from the oil. It instead increases the trans fats of the oil which is detrimental to your heart health. Regular consumption of this oil can act as a slow poison for your heart and can cause heart attacks or blockage.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully tested and confirmed the harmful and carcinogenic chemicals in edible oils. It is thus a proven fact that refined oils are debilitating for our health and should be stopped right now. So here is the refined oil side effect

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