From ancient days human using mustard oil in various aspects like as Cooking, Massage and Pickles. In recent researches it has proved that mustard oil is preferred option for cooking over several other Edible Oils.

Presence of low Saturated Fatty Acid (SFA) and high amount of MUFA & PUFA which are good for health. Omega-6 and Omega-3 N6:N3 (type of fatty acids in food) ratio in mustard oil is near ideal (6:5) ratio. Mustard oil is high in antioxidants and presence of Vitamin E makes Mustard Oil good for health. Risk of heart disease drops by nearly 70% when mustard oil is used for cooking. Clinical nutritionist Dr. Ishi Khosla said, mustard oil is best when consumed in its row form known as KACHCHI GHANI. Our forebears have used mustard oil for centuries.

SALONI KACHCHI GHANI mustard oil is 100% natural as it is prepared from continuous crushing of best quality mustard seed in wooden kolhus and processed step wise through well equipped Lab for retaining its natural contents as it is. SALONI mustard oil is 100% hygienic as it is packed through completely automatic plant. Hence totally untouched by hand. So keep you infection free. SALONI mustard oil’s regular massage keeps the bone of your family stronger and its also lubricate joints. SALONI KACHCHI GHANI mustard oils pungent smell (natural Allyl Isothiocyanate) is due to Glucosinolate’s pungency, which is sign of mustard oil purity. SALONI mustard oil is efficient and reliable product for quality and manufacturing process. “Provide Better Health To Your Family By Means Of Our Product Is Only Aim Of SALONI PARIWAR”.

Mahesh Edible Oil Ind. Ltd. have an advanced research center name as “SALONI SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTER”. After very careful testing SALONI mustard oil allowed to consumer.

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“Consumer’s Trust Is Asset Of SALONI PARIWAR”