Why Join Us

Join FMCG, the fastest growing industrial sector

Mahesh Edible Oil industries Ltd. has carved a niche for itself in the edible oil industry of India. We are Pioneer into our Business. We have been manufacturing and distributing our mustard oil under the brand name of SALONI KACHCHI GHANI MUSTARD OIL since 30 years. The place we have reached today, would not have been possible if we did not have a team of dedicated, honest and hardworking people. We are truly blessed to be associated with people who not only understand the business aspect very well but also have the farsightedness and zeal to take our business to new heights.

The company started off as a small one but over a course of many years have grown not only in size but excellence as well. We are what we are because the trust and belief of the employees over the company and of the company over them are symbiotic. Our team is dedicated, hardworking, with excellent skills in all the departments they work in. Once you join us you will find yourself surrounded by people all with positive energy and all working together as a single unit.

You deserve to have a job that fulfills you, That taps into your passions, that brings you joy for the most part, anyway. There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Take a job that you love. Become truly accomplished at something you love. Every position comes along with at least a few pesky tasks or responsibilities,

“welcome to a world of opportunities”

Our Commitments

Personal growth

Personal ownership enables our people to achieve exceptional quality in their work and improve life. While working with us, your impact on your work is greater than you can imagine. Also, we believe that overall growth as a company would not be possible if we didn’t understand the value of family. With us you can not only grow in your career, you can also maintain a good work-life balance so that your family also gets your support.

Passion for performance

Our journey would not have been possible without an enduring, bordering on fanatical focus on performance. This is what we also seek in our employees – a keen focus on outcomes through excellent performance. We believe that only through perseverance and a desire to achieve the best can we reap the benefits of success. We are a hardworking lot. We welcome you all with open arms and hope that you would match our zeal equally.

We value our people

We believe that the most important factor which provides a sustainable competitive advantage in our business is our people. We strive to create an environment to attract and nurture them. We put our greatest faith in our people hence, our whole work environment does not feel like work. Instead, it feels like a big family all working together.

Perfect Teamwork

Teamwork is absolutely essential in what we do. From production to distribution to sales every aspect of our work needs a collaborative work. What we believe in is the “the power of many” and look to harness collective synergies through collaboration and teamwork. Your hard work will not go unnoticed and you shall be rewarded for your work duly.

Respect for all

Being respectful towards each and every member of the Company is something we follow religiously. We treat every person with respect and there is a mutual understanding amongst all of us.

Fulfill your dreams

You will get many opportunities and a great scope of work with us. Join us to make the correct choice in your career. We recognize hard work, sincerity, and dedication. Stay focused and you will be rewarded equally. You and We can both grow together.