Why To Use Kachchi Ghani Oil?

In today’s life it has become necessary that we be aware and alert of what we eat in our food. Considering today’s health issues, we went to find the root cause of it. To understand the health issues, we will have to understand the human body structure and it’s basic 5 elements.

Human body consists of below 5 elements.

Whatever we are and whatever we eat is compounds of the above five elements in more or less proportion. These 5 elements makes 3 “dosha” of human body which are as follows.

Kachi Ghani Oil Helps to Balance
all three doshas in our body



Pitta is responsible for physio chemical activities of the body in the form of metabolism, production of heat and Energy.



Vayu is responsible for all the movements and sensations including motor actions in the Body.



Kapha is Substance which maintains compactness in the body by providing the fluid matrix to it.

For the smooth functioning of human body, these 3 dosha have to be in particular ratio. If there is even slight imbalance in these 3 dosha, it will lead to the diseases in our body.

Now let’s see which dosha causes which diseases.

Ayurveda outlines 80 diseases caused by the imbalance of ‘Vata’

Ayurveda outlines 40 diseases caused by the imbalance of ‘Pitta’

Ayurveda outlines 20 diseases caused by the imbalance of ‘Kaph’

Now that you have seen the list of various diseases caused by the imbalances of 3 dosha, you must have observed that maximum diseases are caused by the imbalance of ‘Vata’

Here we would like to bring you in your notice that most dangerous thing in our daily food which imbalances ‘Vata’ in your body is refined and double filtered cooking oils. Refined oil is major factor in making us very much ill and full of diseases.

Ayurveda clearly mentions that, to keep your ‘Vata’ balanced, you will have to use pure and unfiltered cooking oils! There are very few ingredients available which are capable of maintaining the balance of 3 dosha in our body. One of them is Pure cooking oils! Pure and natural oils are capable of even getting the distorted dosha back in balance.

Considering this fact, SALONI Kachchi Ghani has brought you 100% pure, natural and clod pressed oils to help you stay healthy and diseases free. So replace your refined and filtered oils with Kachchi Ghani pure cooking oil.